It’s the holiday season and that means its time to bring out some seriously amazing holiday makeup looks. For holiday looks a beautiful bold eye with a simple red lip is always a safe bet for creating stunning drama that will wow the crowd at any festive event you attend this season. It can be tricky to find that perfect holiday look to really pull a look together, but I’ve got 5 best winter eyeshadow palettes to help create a look that will make sure you stand out in a crowded room and slay no matter what event you end up at.

Makeup is very much an art form, something I’ve learned as I’ve started playing with my makeup more and more. Along the way, I have discovered some makeup palettes that have not only helped advance my skills but always make me feel beautiful and like I am the star of the show. Whether you like warm tones or cool tones, subtle or smokey, these are some of the best winter eyeshadow palettes to help create a gorgeous look will make sure that everyone is asking you to be the personal makeup artist.

NYX Rustic Antique- Best winter eyeshadow palettes

If you love warm tones, the NYX Rustic antique palette will make your heart sing. Full of some gorgeous matte shades to pair with dazzling shimmers you can make sure you are the star of the show with this one. I love using this to create a subtle smoky eye or every day warmed tone look to pair with a red lip that is oh so festive. The shimmers in this are the right amount of pop without overwhelming and the mattes blend like butter. It has perfect shades for the crease as well as darker shades to really build up the outer corner. The pops of red tones and the beautiful warm toned shimmers are great for fun looks, building up the color on the lid for a makeup look that really pops.

Pur Soiree Diaries- Best winter eyeshadow palettes

The Pur Soirrie Diaries Palette is the worlds most perfect basic eyeshadow palette. It can be used to help create stunning looks no matter what the event is but can also be toned down to create a more soft everyday look. The matte shades in this are the perfect in between of warm and cool so no matter what look you want to create you can make it work while adding in a few pops of sparkle to pair for a more dramatic effect. This is my everyday eyeshadow palette. If you are looking for a great basic eyeshadow palette to create everyday looks with, this is the one. Its the perfect mix of transition shades that aren’t to warm or to cool and can easily be built up for more dramatic looks.

Morphe 35O- Best winter eyeshadow palettes

If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that has a range of color the Morphe 35O is sure to have everything you need. This was the first big eyeshadow palette I invested in and I am so glad I did. The extensive range of colors is absolutely stunning and allows you to get super creative with the looks you create. These eyeshadows blend super well and are really pigmented for an affordable price, which who doesn’t love that? This palette isn’t the most travel-friendly but is still a great option for those looking to wear anything from subtle to full glam for the holidays. This eyeshadow palette is definitely a must for any makeup lover who is looking for inspiration for the winter season. Definitely, one of the best winter eyeshadow palettes, it is one I can’t live without this time of year especially because of how festive and fun it is.

Winky Lux Kitten- Best winter eyeshadow palettes

Winky Lux Kitten Palette is a gorgeous mix of everything from gold shimmers to beautiful transition shades and a fun holographic shade to add some pop to any look. While I love using these eyeshadows to create some beautiful looks I wouldn’t consider this the most versatile of my palettes. The quality is amazing and the shades are gorgeous for using to create a unique one of a kind look that lets your creative side shine. A few unique shades really make this a fun palette to play with offering a few options for transition shades to create a full look without needing a second palette.

Tarte Rainforst 2- Best winter eyeshadow palettes

Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea 2 palette is far more cool toned than I normally like but there is something about the mix of shades in this wheel that really just makes it perfect for creating a stunning look for the holidays. The cool-toned shimmers in this palette a perfect for someone who loves a more toned red lip around this time of year. I’ve really fallen in love with how many looks I am able to create with this little palette and it is perfect for traveling with its nice sturdy packaging. I love the cooler toned shimmers for a festive look around the holidays or even to create something bold around the holidays.

I love winter makeup looks. I am more of a warm toned girl myself but with the 5 best winter eyeshadow palettes to help, you can create a gorgeous look that will not only make you the talk of the party but no one will be able to overlook you in a crowded room. I love playing around with these palettes because they really make me feel creative and they inspire some of my best makeup looks.

What are some of the best winter eyeshadow palettes you’ve used for creating looks this time of year? Are there some I am missing on this list that I should add to try out? I am always looking for new makeup to play with so if you have some must buys please leave a comment down below so I can check it out!

I hope you all are having a great Wednesday and are ready for Christmas just around the corner! Share your holiday fashion and makeup on social media by tagging @livinglifepetite so I can see some of the incredible looks you guys are rocking for the holidays!!


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