3 Different Outfits With White Jeans For Any Occasion

They say no white after labor day, however, outfits with white jeans will never go out of style and are always a great way to bring some freshness into any outfit.  Whether you want to pair it with a t-shirt for spring and tank top for fourth of July or sweaters and booties for fall, not is better than a classic pair of white jeans. Perfect for any occasion from a casual day out, to brunch, to even brightening up your looks for the office, outfits with white jeans are a staple in any wardrobe.

Being so versatile you’ll love being able to pack them on trips too knowing that no matter what kind of plans pop up you will be ready with a great outfit. No matter what you have planned you can style great outfits with white jeans to be a perfect look which means that are definitely lazy girl approved. Throw them on and know you are going to be ready to go from work to weekends to happy hour and more.

Business Outfit With White Jeans

outfits with white jeans

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As anyone who is under 5’3 can tell you shopping for pants especially ankle pants that fit perfectly. But you will love this perfect pair of white ankle jeans for petite women. These petite white jeans from Loft are not only great quality but they are comfortable and have just the right amount of stretch and form.

If you need to be ready for a busy day at the office but want to bring in a much lighter and spring or summer vibe to work wardrobe, try pairing white jeans with a classic dark-colored blazer from New York & Company.

Lightweight enough to not be cumbersome in the heat this blazer is fantastic for upping any business casual outfit and keeping warm in an office that might have the AC cranked up to the level of meat freezer. The buttons and ruching on the sleeves give it a modern three-quarter sleeve fit and the silhouette is perfect for creating a nice shape that fits close to the body but not to snug.

outfits with white jeans

Adding a pop of color to a business outfit is also great. Olive green is a great option that remains extremely professional while stilling adding a little something extra to an outfit full of neutrals. The blouse from Express is a go-to for me as its easy to throw a blazer over but can also be ready for happy hour drinks after a long day at the office. The gold detail makes a great but very wearable basic. Its flowy without looking like a balloon and the breezy material makes it perfect for warmer weather. The fabric does stain easily so be careful to avoid spilling things on yourself.

Of course, pulling off any outfit with white jeans means great accessories like this Calvin Klein tote that is the perfect size for all of my things including my laptop making it not only a great choice for work but when I am traveling as well. And these booties are amazing for everything and anything. Even styling for a casual game day outfit.

Outfit With White Jeans For A Day Out

outfits with white jeans

Throw on this red off the shoulder top for a pop of color and something festive for the season, to be ready for a brunch, lunch or graduation party. This bright red peplum top was a Francesca’s find around fourth of July last year and I’ve obsessed with it ever since. It feels almost early 2000’s with the stretchy material its made of but I love the way it fits and how comfortable it is. I never feel like it’s about to fall off or like I have to keep pulling it up and the bright color is to die for.

outfits with white jeans

Paired with these summery wedges and a black bag you’ll be ready for fun in the sun all weekend long while be comfortable and feeling ready to tackle everything. These wedges are so comfortable that I’ve worn through entire 8 hour days of graduations and parties without me feet complaining even once, and they are perfect for wearing with jeans and even a classic navy and white stripe dress.

White Jeans Casual Outfit

And then there is my favorite way to rock petite white jeans, and that’s casual, comfortable oh so very basic and laid back. While I do tend to dress a little nicer for work my office has a fairly casual dress code which has just furthered my love for all things easy to wear especially when I have to get up super early in the morning. But taking these jeans into my weekend fashion is a breeze cuffing them up and pairing them with these adorable boat shoes and a casual grey t-shirt.

outfits with white jeans

This t-shirt is from Express and honestly, I can’t get enough of it. To the point where there is actually a hole in it and I probably need to replace it but you know that moment when you wear and wash something so many times, it reaches peak softness? Well, that’s where this piece is so I will keep it for a little while longer because it’s so comfortable and just the perfect thing to pair with these white jeans for a casual weekend outfit.

I always swore I was never going to be a boat shoes kinda girl. Then my dad bought me a pair because I was moving to sunny San Diego where boat shoes are part of a lot of peoples wardrobes. So I tried on a pair and to say I’m obsessed would be putting it lightly. They are surprisingly comfortable, come in so many different color combinations and styles to love, and are great for running around in.  I will probably be adding another pair to my collection soon but until then I will wear these adorable grey ones until they are no longer in good condition.

outfits with white jeans

This crossbody bag is one that has been with me through a lot of things. I’ve had it for about 5-6 years at this point and while the leather has gotten softer, everything about it still looks good as new. The strap has held up through international travel, rough years in high school, heavy book loads and everything in between. Its gonna be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come.

I hope this has inspired you to create your favorite outfit with white jeans for any occasion in any season. They are so easy to wear and a great addition any wardrobe. I am so excited for spring and summer, to share some great fashion with you and to finally get back to being able to run around outside in the sunshine!

I hope you all have a great Friday and an amazing weekend!




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