2017 Petite Outfit Roundup To Inspire Your 2018 Fashion

I know, I know, I am late to the game but I am finally getting around to doing a 2017 petite outfit roundup to help inspire some great fashion in 2018. Can you believe its already February? Around the start of the year, I tend to feel like I am in a rut fashion-wise. I get so weighed down with work, and everything else around the beginning the new year, that I wear the same four or five outfits almost constantly. But its a month into the year, things have settled down, and its time to try and find some inspiration. And what better way to find it, then to look back at some of the best looks I threw together in 2017? If I am lucky, it will help inspire you to find some great petite outfits to make it easy to get dressed in the mornings.

I think part of my fashion ruts also stems from the fact that I don’t want to put a lot of thought into my outfits early in the morning when I am getting ready for work, but  its time to snap out of it and rock some great looks, even if they are repeats from last year. Don’t fix what ain’t broke right? Just kidding, kind of but honestly I love finding new ways to rock outfits I’ve loved in the past whether it’s changing up my shoes or adding new purses or jewelry.

Petite outfit roundup

Let’s start off with a classic outfit sure to never disappoint. A white sweater and some boyfriend jeans are a flawless way to be comfortable and ready to tackle anything. This outfit was on repeat all the time because it’s so easy to throw on and run out the door. I discovered boyfriend jeans this year and bless my heart they have seriously been such an important addition to my casual wardrobe. The twist back detail of this sweater really adds a nice “twist” no pun intended, adding something a little different to an otherwise basic outfit. This sweater is nice and lightweight, perfect for the fall or layering under jackets for winter. Pair it with come classic Adidas sneakers and a casual bag with a touch of sparkle with some jewelry and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a nice sunny fall day.

Off the shoulder tops have me drooling this year. I finally got comfortable wearing a strapless bra, and it changed my world because I think off the shoulder top outfits are so cute! Paired with a distressed pair of my favorite jeans, and I am ready for a date night, dinner, brunch or even just a stroll through the mall looking for my next great outfit piece. I’ve never been much of a girly, though as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more and more okay with floral patterns and soft colors. However, at my core, I still love black and dark greys over everything, so this black floral top with just a touch of lace detail is my perfect way to embrace those two parts of my style. These mocassins are just a perfect casual addition, and I love the fringe detail.

Probably my favorite outfit from this past year was pairing this white dress with a denim jacket and this gorgeous burgundy block heels. To be honest, my favorite part of this outfit was that it was that perfect look that just fell into place. No advanced planning, no sitting there trying to figure out how to make it work, it all just worked so perfectly together including the random last-minute addition of this pop of yellow in my handbag. The perfect casual look but yet I actually tried to be a little more put together and girly today, outfit. This is a power, confidence outfit for sure, you know one of those outfits that makes you feel like you can put on a power walk and be the badass you are!

weekend outfits for petite women

2017 was the year of the casual wardrobe for me. I was working from home for a majority of the year and now my office has a fairly casual dress code. Other than special occasions and a date night here and there, I was almost always wearing some cute jeans and a t-shirt. Are you tired of the casual fashion yet? I hope not! But I will be trying to through in some more office, date night, and more structured outfits coming this year. In the meantime, I couldn’t do a fashion roundup and not include these fabulous lace booties that I have been obsessed with. Honestly, I can’t wait to crack them out with some cute dresses and skirt going in to spring but in meantime, I will stick to pairing them boyfriend jeans and a Henley. I know I posted about this outfit recently but I was on repeat so much toward the end of last year that I had to include it in this roundup! Pairing these booties with a basic long sleeve T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, and a scarf, this outfit is my casual wardrobe goals.

Casual Winter Look For Petite Women

I am not sure where my obsession with crossed sweaters like this came from but it’s safe to say I would own one in every color of the rainbow if that wasn’t excessive. Trying to break out of my box a little, this burnt orange color was screaming fall outfit at me so I couldn’t resist grabbing it. Paired with dark wash jeans and riding boots, this look has gotten me through brunches, lunches and nice dinners looking flawless and fashionable. What more could you honestly ask for?

These 5 outfits are going to be on repeat again this coming year, and I can’t wait to try to break out of my comfort zone a little more this year. Hopefully, this petite outfit roundup has helped give you some inspiration heading into the new year!

I am so excited to start sharing some Valentine’s Day looks with you guys so check back later this week for some fabulous outfit inspiration no matter what your plans!

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Have a great start to your week and I’ll be back with another post on Wednesday!



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