Tips For Finding The Perfect Trendy Petite Clothes

I tend to get a lot of questions about how I know whether things are going to fit or not,...

Lets Talk All About Bras For Petite Women: How They Should Fit & Where To Buy Them

Alright people, let's talk about bras for petite women. I know, the thought of shopping about them...

10 Best Stores To Shop For Petite Clothing

I love to shop. I get it from my mom but sometimes shopping when you are so petite can be more...

5 Of The Best Headphones For Small Heads and Petite Women

This is a blog about all things petite and that includes things like the best sunglasses and...
How To Slay Overalls As A Petite Women

How To Slay Overalls As A Petite Women

They say everyone has a style aesthetic. Can my aesthetic be whatever is easiest to put on in the morning that makes me look vaguely pulled together? Cause that is very much how I dress most days. I don't want to spend more time getting ready in the morning than I...

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Hi, I’m Charlie, a 4’10“ coffee-loving fashionista who approaches life with a sense of fun and wit. I love helping young women dress to impress and successfully navigate a world filled with taller people. If you are looking for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips for petite women, Living Life Petite is the blog for you.


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