I love jewelry. While on an everyday basis I keep things simple, always wearing the same stud earrings and maybe a delicate necklace or a bracelet. But recently I have fallen in love with playing around with jewelry to help add a little something extra to outfits. I’ve fallen in love with delicate little chains and long earrings that add a pop of color to a look. I’ve learned that not all jewelry flatters those who are more petite and that it can be tricky to find the right pieces to add to your collection. I have gathered a few pieces of jewelry for petite women you need in your collection. From necklaces that will add a touch of drama to any look, to earrings and bracelets you can wear every day for a touch of sparkle and glamour, these pieces are staples in my collection that use all the time to doll up an outfit.

jewelry for petite women

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jewelry for petite women

I have a total of four piercings my ears. Two lob piercings on each side. The tops ones are taken up by a pair of ruby studs that were my grandmothers. But in my other piercing I recently have been rocking these amazing diamond and cubic zirconium studs I found during an after Christmas sale. You might think they are a little too big at first but they are actually so perfect. They have a good amount of sparkle and the halo design is so chic and modern, really making them a beautiful choice for everyday wear. I have always been more of a silver person, which is another reason I love these. If you have a nickel allergy like I do, these won’t irritate your ears even if you wear them all the time as they are sterling silver.

Picture from Target.com

Target has this amazing new brand called A New Day. These Bar & Chain Earrings are perfect. They are delicate but still add a little touch of something to any look. I wear them with casual looks and with date night outfits, working flawlessly with both, I love that they are delicate and won’t overwhelm a more petite face. They aren’t too long either and being so light, they are super comfortable and won’t irritate your ears throughout the day.  Made of steel these are great for those with more sensitive ears, and those with nickel allergies. I am not much of a gold person but these were just so beautiful and honestly, they have become such a staple in my wardrobe.

Drop earrings. Jewelry for petite women

These cascading drop earrings have been in my jewelry box for years. They were the first pair of longer dressy earrings I ever purchased for myself after getting my ears pierced and since then they have been go-to for when I am dressing up for a night out, but lately, I have been adding them to even jeans and t-shirt for a little pop of something. You will look flawless and put together with this little something extra added to your outfit, lightweight and they definitely make a statement. The delicate pattern prevents them from being too overwhelming on a petite frame, and they are just the perfect length to ensure they aren’t troublesome.

jewelry for petite women

Baublebar has quickly become one of my all-time favorite brands. I love these blue ball drop earrings for something different and fun. I wear studs most of the time so switching it up on occasion for something different really is fun. These are great because they are bold, colorful and are something is really outside the norm for me which makes me feel so fun and sassy when I wear them. You’ll love how comfortable they compliment any outfit and definitely gather some attention without being too much. While they are a tad heavy I can still get through an entire night wearing them just fine. They are the perfect length for even us petite girls who can sometimes struggle with earrings being too long and they look beautiful no matter which color you love most!


jewelry for petite women

The layered necklace look has been on my radar for awhile and I finally caved and added some to my collection. There are two that I really love, though similar I think I love them both equally. A two-layer choker necklace is a great way to add some sass and shine to any look. With a v-neck t-shirt and a jacket, paired with leggings you can have ready for anything on the go type of outfit, while you can also dress it up for the office or even a night out adding a flawless, pretty look. Baublebar also makes a beautiful one layered necklace. The Aimee-Y necklace is a stunning three layer necklace that has a beautiful shimmering effect. It hangs at just the right length and is super flattering with anything v-neck.

jewelry for petite women

I love a good colored statement necklace but sometimes if they are too chunky or if they are not the right length I feel like they look odd on me and for petite women in general. Dark blue has always been a favorite for me, so this statement necklace really adds a bold statement to any outfit. Its short enough to wear with almost any neckline, and still looks super flattering. I love to pair it with a grey t-shirt for a pop of something fun. I didn’tused to be a fan of more chunky styles like this but slowly I’ve been coming around to them as I’ve found more that work for me and my style.


jewelry for petite women

Bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. I love them because they make any outfit feel pretty and there is something sophisticated about them makes me feel good about myself with them on. My go to is the dupe for the Cartier love bracelet that I found on Amazon. It’s perfect because of its small enough for my petite little wrist. I have mine in rose cold be they can be found in gold and silver. Stack these with other bracelets or wear it alone and its the perfect compliment to any work outfit or as a permanent addition to your daily jewelry.

jewelry for petite women

Anytime something says it can be adjusted I am curious to learn more. Alex and Ani bangles are not only adjustable no matter how tiny your wrists are but they are beautiful and you can get them with charms for just about everything from your favorite sports team to your college, star sign and initials. Each one in my stack represents something about me. My first initial, my star sign, my birthstone and the one my sister gave me that says, sister. You’ll love how versatile and cute they are, as well as all the different bangles you can choose from to make your stack unique to you. Adjustable jewelry is one of the greatest things to happen to jewelry for petite women because it makes it so easy to get just the right fit.


jewelry for petite women

A piece that is useful as well as beautiful, I love to have a beautiful watch on that works well with my other jewelry. Sometimes it can be hard to ones that have a face small enough for a little wrist but fossil makes some great beautiful watches that are perfect for a small wrist. You can easily adjust the band by removing links at home, and the faces are not only beautiful but look great on a more petite wrist. I’ve had mine for years and am still as in love with it today as I was when I first got it. a great addition to any collection of jewelry for petite women, we all need a beautiful watch.

For those of you who have apple watches, having a beautiful band is a must. Whether you are the more athletic type who wants a band in a pretty color that can stand up to running and workouts or you want something more of a fashion style, watch bands come in a style for everyone. A metal mesh one like this with a magnetic closure is perfect for smaller wrists because you can easily adjust it. It’s stylish and comes in different metal finishes depending on what your preferences are. Beautiful for casual and dressier outfits alike, you’ll be sure your watch will look great with every look.

No matter what your choice of jewelry from more minimalistic to out there, colorful, or bold, it’s a fun way to express your style. These are great pieces of jewelry for petite women you need in your wardrobe to dress up any outfit whether you are dressing up for work, or just out running errands. Have fun with it, add your own spin and find your own great staple petite pieces but this is a great place to start. If you are looking to do some shopping for jewelry or otherwise, I have a post about 10 of the best stores for petite women to make the process as painless as possible.

What are some of your everyday jewelry pieces? What kind of statement pieces do you use to add a pop of something to an outfit for a date night, big business meeting or party?

I hope you guys are all having a great start to the week. I love seeing all of your great accessorizing so tag and follow me at @livinglifepetite on Instagram so I can see all of your amazing looks!








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