Sorry I didn’t have a post up for you on Monday, its been a bit of a rough week and it just kind of got away from me to be honest. But I am back and ready to share some exciting new stuff with you!

I am such a headphone snob. Well, not a snob but when finding headphones for my small head I am super picky. I’ve never liked earbuds unless they have the little silicon earbuds that I change the size, and over the ear headphones have always been tricky.

great in ear headphones for small heads

I usually am an earbud kind of girl. For everyday use, I prefer them to over the ear headphones and even then I am picky about them because want them to feel secure and comfortable in my small ears. A few years ago I bought a pair of the House of Marley earbuds and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

I love the sound quality, for the price, I also really love the fabric wrapped cord which doesn’t tangle as badly and doesn’t wear out or split as badly as a traditional one. I love the wood details and all of the gorgeous colors they come in. The fact that they have the silicone earbuds in different sizes, which is a fairly standard feature today, is also great for those with smaller ears.

However, since starting my copywriting job, I am allowed to wear headphones at work and wearing earbuds for 8 hours a day really hurts my ears. I’ve been searching every corner of the internet for a pair of over-ear headphones that would fit my head snuggly, had decent sound, wouldn’t break the bank and were pretty.

Naturally, I turned to Hosue of Marley again for my over the ear headphones but I wanted the option to use them wirelessly and all of their’s would have blown my budget. So the search began. I checked through Amazon looking through pages and pages of options from brands nobody had ever heard of trying to find a solution.

I know it sounds like a tall order from a pair of headphones but after hours of searching, I randomly stumbled upon a pair that has so far exceeded every expectation I’ve had. After reading reviews that said they were too small, I figured I had found the perfect pair of headphones for my small head.

I have always been kind of disappointed because Beats by Dre makes some great compact headphones but they have been pricey and while they have great sound, I’ve just never really felt the need to pay for the brand on the side of my headphones. I think they are really great but I’ve been on the hunt for a more affordable option that would still get the job done.

I searched and searched but it was difficult because I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too bulky. It was a challenge let me tell you. If it wasn’t for a certain blog article I might never have looked into the brand and found these. To be honest, I had a lot of features I wanted to be packed into my headphones and I had set a budget for myself. I didn’t even know if it was going to be possible.

Made by a Swedish company, called Urbanears these Platten Wireless headphones are stylish, come in a variety of pretty colors, I was first taken aback by how minimalistic these headphones are. I love it. To be honest I really don’t like when products have loud branding all over them so these are great. They don’t have any buttons on the actual earset themselves. All the controls are on the back of the earpiece touching different parts or direction to change the volume, skip a song or pause.

I got mine in a pretty light blue color but they have them in a bunch of different colors. These headphones come with a cable in case you prefer to plug them into a headphone jack instead of using Bluetooth, and the cords are all heavy duty fabric to keep them from wearing or splitting.  For around $100 these aren’t going to satisfy any serious audiophile but for someone who listens to a ton of music casually every day, these produce good sound.

The best part is that I can wear these to the gym and when the cloth headband gets dirty it can be removed and thrown in the wash. All in all, these have impressed being great headphones for my small head while giving me some decent sound and being comfortable to wear all day at work.

What are your favorite headphones? Do you prefer over the ear or in-ear headphones? Is there a certain brand that has worked out better for you?

I hope you all have a spectacular Thanksgiving and enjoy spending some time with family and friends.



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